How to delete the background of an image directly from Word or Powerpoint

Written by Roberto Adeva March
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delete background image

Word and PowerPoint are two of the most used tools in the Microsoft suite. And is that every day there are many text documents or presentations that are created or modified. In these documents or presentations usually include images, which can be added from our disk, although as we saw recently, we can add images in Word and PowerPoint directly from Pixabay. In any case, we may want to remove the background of these images to make our document or presentation more professional, therefore, we will show how to delete the background of an image directly from Word or PowerPoint.

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In this way, the use of other image editing applications will not be necessary and may be more difficult to manage. And is that the latest versions of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint have the option that allows us to delete the background of an image directly from the Office tool itself.

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Steps to follow to erase the background of an image in Word or Powerpoint
For this, the first thing we have to do is open Word or Powerpoint. Now, we can open a document or presentation that contains the images we want to edit or create a new one and add the images either from the hard drive or from Pixabay if we have the complementeo installed. One way or another, once we add an image to our Word document or PowerPoint presentation, the next thing we have to do is select it and go to the Format menu option.
delete the background of an image

With this option selected, we will see how in the toolbar the option Remove background appears in the Adjust section. Just click on the Remove background option, the options will be shown in the top menu of the Office tool, Mark the areas to keep, Mark the areas to remove, Delete mark, Download all changes and Keep changes.

delete the background of an image

Therefore, we can select the tool Mark the areas to keep and click on the image to mark the silhouette of the shape, object or part of the photo we want to keep. The rest, once we have marked it correctly, will disappear automatically when clicking on the option Keep changes. At that time, we will see how we have left the part of the image that we have selected without any background so that we place it in our text document or PowerPoint presentation where appropriate.

delete the background of an image


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